GROW Nebraska Hires New Native American Resource Coordinator

GROW Nebraska is pleased to announce they have hired Eric Long of Pine Ridge, SD as their Native American Resource Coordinator. Eric will be working with the Lakota people in Whiteclay, training them on the computer, teaching them how to market their products, learning about social media and using the Internet.


Nebraska faces many challenges as a rural state. Even where larger population centers are thriving rural expanses in the same area are losing their populations. The Pine Ridge Indian Reservation is not immune to this. It is one of the poorest locations on earth with unemployment rate between 80 percent and 85 percent. They deal with many issues daily. Being a member of the Lakota Tribe, Eric knows first-hand the hardships some people face and is excited to help them with their businesses.

GROW Nebraska started the site in 2017 to showcase the artists’ beautiful works of art that honor their culture. This site has already sold authentic Native American products to Zurich, Switzerland, Tokyo, Japan, California, New York City and ten states in-between. Those sales are a result of GROW Nebraska's eCommerce
expertise. Their work is also featured in the GROW Nebraska store at the Hilltop Mall in Kearney, Nebraska.

This position is being funded in part by the PRIME grant and GROW Nebraska. 


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